Why HELLO gorgeous Spring!  I think we can all agree that this past winter seemed so long… snowstorms in March?! I started to question whether warm weather and sunshine would EVER come back… but they did!  And wasn’t April just the prettiest month?! We had 85-degree weather not even a month after getting several snowstorms (welcome to Virginia!)… but you can bet I took advantage of every beautiful day that I could!  I usually plan out a time that I’m going to sit down and blog… but it’s Friday and it’s wonderful outside and I just thought I’d update before someone thinks I might have fallen off the face of the Earth (I know, it’s been almost a month since my last post).

Since getting back from Haiti on March 17th, I’ve been consistently fighting off virus after virus, respiratory infections, and whatever traveler’s diseases I picked up at the airport (the Norovirus? NOT fun).  It’s also been pretty crazy with school and work–I just wrapped up my Spring semester internship just in time for Finals Week.  Praise Jesus.  And now I’m sitting here just 6 days and 4 finals away from the freedom of summertime. And this summer I am devoting myself to my photography business full-time.  This means photography is the ONLY thing on my to-do list this summer, and I have a LOT I want to get done!  I have several really cool sessions lined up this month… including a 2-year birthday portrait session, an album cover shoot (!!!), a high school Prom, high school graduation, and a few more senior portraits. And last month I got to shoot my second engagement session with the best couple EVER… we are meeting for Part II tomorrow and I am so excited.  These two are so in love and so natural in front of the camera.  Here’s a few sneak peaks from their session…!

Spencer… seriously?!  You did so good!  This ring is so Victoria.  And breathtakingly beautiful.

Like I said….. naturals.  I can’t wait to meet with you two for a second time tomorrow at the place you two got engaged!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog. Expect to see a lot of sessions being blogged this month and (hopefully!!) throughout the summer.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a portrait, wedding, or event photographer… I would love to capture those moments for you.

Have a beautiful Spring!

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