Something a lot of people may not know about me and Justin’s relationship is just how close his family has come to becoming my family these past four and a half years. We’ve been on cruises together, gone to Europe together, attended weddings, had some REALLY good times together. There’s always this guarantee of laughter and hilarity when spending time around Justin’s brother, Jeromy. I can see where Justin gets his sense of humor from! We’ve made some amazing memories since I first officially met Jeromy on Christmas Day in 2009. (I actually showed up to Justin’s in my pj’s just to drop off a gift and ended up being forcibly held against my will to eat Christmas dinner with them, but that’s a different story :) The point is, this family is special… and they accepted me on the very first day when my hair wasn’t brushed and I didn’t have a Christmas dinner to go home to. Since then we’ve spent every Christmas evening together to have dinner! Okay, I’m SO getting off on a tangent here… but today is Jeromy’s birthday and it’s a day to be celebrated! Jeromy and his wife Becky have been through a lot this year (to say the least), and I think it just makes events like birthdays and anniversaries and holidays that much sweeter. Today I’ll put my laptop away and spend the afternoon cooking (and eating!) good food in honor of Jeromy’s life. I might even put makeup on… it’s THAT momentous of an occassion :) Jeromy, I am so thankful for the memories we’ve made together these past 4.5 years, and I hope and pray God continues to bless you and Becky immensely as the years go on… even when you least expect it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and here’s to many many more!!!







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