A few months ago, my friend Jordan introduced me to the idea of hosting a creative retreat at her house. We would just sit around in our leggings, dream together, challenge each other, and get some work done for our businesses that we otherwise probably wouldn’t do at home. I looked at flights, and it was surprisingly just $210 to fly to St. Louis, Missouri at the end of February! Meredith and I booked our tickets and began to look forward to getting away for this little mini retreat. I made a list of dozens of things I wanted to get done/tackle while at Jordan’s house and just two days in, I’ve already knocked a handful of things off that list! I designed and ordered business cards yesterday and I felt so relieved to get that done that I almost cried tears of joy. It’s been MONTHS since I had business cards… months!! That’s terrible! Don’t follow my example! Haha!! I’m feeling like I’m so productive here because there are minimal distractions… there’s no temptation to go hang out with Justin when he has a rare free moment to just sit and watch a movie together or play video games with each other… there’s not the beckoning of my dogs, or my sister, or my dad… or regular errands to run or any weddings to go shoot! It’s just me and my laptop and two good friends beside me doing the same thing! Talk about motivation to get stuff DONE! But at the same time, I’m praying and journaling and remembering that the Lord will still give me peace in the midst of running a business and constantly having a never-ending to do list. Peace is so necessary! I’m thankful for the chance to get away this week and still feel that peace even while I’m getting SO much stuff done!! I can’t wait to share about all the exciting new things that are changing in my business… but for now, I’m off to keep getting stuff done!!! :) I hope that other photographers have this chance to get away at least once a year to devote to just dreaming and pushing each other and actually DOING those things that you want to get done.


This adorable little pup is keeping me company all week!


Jordan has the prettiest hand writing! And she set out bath salts for us… naturally, I used it to style this photo. Haha. #lifeofaphotographer



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