I really need to start this post off first and foremost with a shout out to my sister Alexa for being so PATIENT waiting for this upload! It’s been just about a month since I was getting the grand tour around her college campus and learning all about her new life in South Bend, Indiana. I warned her that it may be a while until she saw all of these with the fall photo season being wonderfully busy like it is every year, but she didn’t mind! I may have gotten a few “reminder” texts, however, in the past couple weeks… :) Well, they convinced me to take a break between some senior sessions and get this posted!


That’s her laughing at how good she was at annoying me until I got these up!! But I’m happy she did because they may have just as easily fallen deep into the black hole of my hard drive full of pictures I love but just never got around to sharing (there have been way too many good souls lost to this tragic fate already). So I am super happy about this lovely new blog that makes it so much more fun to post my pictures and share exciting news with my readers! For instance… one little tiny thing that I have been working on researching is my switching from Nikon, the camera line I have been shooting with for the past four years, to Canon, one that many wedding photographers use and love and one that I have had my eye on for a long time. My winter haitus is coming up, and I believe it’s the perfect time to invest and get acclimated to a new system. And I am SO (!!!) excited about it!


Well, I’ve officially started to turn this blog post down a one way rabbit trail. Before I get completely off track with some difficult business decisions I have coming up, let me just stop myself right there and save it for a future blog post coming very, very soon. To my dearest sister Alexa, I hope you are having the most amazing college experience, and I can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks for the Thanksgiving holiday. Stay beautiful!














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