So, what should I wear?!

The answer is pretty simple: Wear what YOU feel amazing in!  These pictures are to show off your personality and what makes you unique.  Neutral colors will draw more attention to the face, while brighter colors will draw more attention to the body.  Try to bring a bit of both.. remember, you are welcome to bring multiple outfits.  Layer your clothing (scarves, cardigan, multiple shirts, etc.) to give your photos depth and make all eyes fall on you! Here are some outfit ideas in more detail below:


Floral-print sundresses
Dresses/blouses that tie around the waist
A cardigan or jacket (denim, leather) to layer
Heels to add height & make your legs longer
Cowboy boots or ballet flats
Stripes, polka dots, be crazy!
Pastels for SUBTLE, brights for BOLD
Wear heavier make-up than normal
Bring chapstick/lipgloss


Button-down shirts
Nice tees  (American Eagle, Hollister, etc.)
Khaki cargo shorts
Your favorite jeans (new, worn, clean, dirty, whichever!)
Denim or leather jacket to layer
Your favorite hat or baseball cap
Don’t hesitate to bring a white tee & jeans if that’s what you love to wear!


If you play a sport, bring your uniform & equipment!
If you play an instrument, bring it with you!
If you have a hobby (photography? chess? reading?), bring that with you, too!
If you have a car that you love, bring it with you!
If you have a pet…. that’s right, bring your dog/cat/goldfish with you!

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