Well, I’m going to be honest. I sat here for a solid hour trying to put a post together – about what I really don’t know – and it just didn’t happen. This is the first time EVER I haven’t been able to put a cohesive, quality blog post together (at least by my standards, haha) and I’m just accepting that maybe there isn’t anything “life enhancing” that I’m meant to say right now. And that’s okay!

So instead of a typical Mantra Monday post, I am going to treat this like an actual blog update and share a little bit about what’s been going on in my life this summer, which has absolutely FLOWN by. I’m really grateful… the “I Do” countdown on my dry erase board in my bedroom has gone from 347 to 287 days in what feels like only a couple of weeks, and that’s pretty much the best and scariest thing ever! :) It’s mid-August and I feel like summer didn’t even really happen! I have been to the pool a total of TWO times… and we have a really nice community pool in my neighborhood! It’s always been my favorite place to spend a lazy summer day and I guess I just haven’t made the time for many of those. Being a small business owner means time management must be learned on an entirely new level of discipline and responsibility and to be honest, if I had spent all the time I wasted on silly Facebook lounging at the pool instead, I would be at least 10 shades darker! ;)

This summer has been my busiest yet and it’s ironic because it’s the first summer that I haven’t traveled somewhere every other week. I always thought that was what made the summer months fly by and I was totally wrong! It goes by MUCH faster when you are working, shooting and editing one wedding after the next, scheduling client consultations and completing website updates and putting wedding day timelines together for your brides and just being a full-time business owner. I feel like I am always on my laptop doing something or other! It’s a blessing and a curse. I don’t see Justin much because of our opposite schedules, but I do get to sleep in most days and make my own work schedule. It’s really made summer fly by and I barely have time to process what’s happening most days between wedding planning and wedding photography! All the wedding things in the world are constantly on my mind and it’s making me a little crazy… haha! But on more specific terms, this is what my August so far has looked like…!

Hawaii Oahu Lanikai Ko'olina Megan Kelsey Photography-9222

– This weekend was my first Saturday home in months (thank you Leah & Michael for having a Friday wedding! Lol!) and I spent it with Justin making our wedding registry at Bed, Bath, & Beyond! I felt so grown up picking out formal dining ware and a little bit like we have no idea what we’re doing, but that just made it all the more hilariously fun! We also picked out bath towels, a queen comforter set, and a really pretty gravy boat because I’ve never made gravy in my life but I’m sure I will once I become a wife. ( Lol. )

– I also took Sunday afternoon to hang out with Justin and we went to get late breakfast at Joe’s American Diner, which had me feeling full until past dinner time! Then Justin took a nap while I read a book before heading to see the new Mission Impossible movie together. I loved Ghost Protocol so I knew this one would be just as enjoyable, and it was! Now I want to be a spy.

– This week we take Mia to college… gahhhh!! It’s just going to be me and my dad living at home now, and I have no idea what that’s going to be like but it’s definitely going to be a little more lonely with both of my sisters out of the house now! Their empty rooms are just depressing and I don’t know how parents handle becoming empty nesters because that is what this feels like. So so sad.

– Starting Wednesday, I will be traveling every week until October and it’s equally nerve-wracking and exciting. Back to living out of a suitcase for an extended period of time! This is probably the last I’ll see of so much traveling before we get married so I am going to enjoy every minute. I know once marriage arrives I won’t want to be gone for weeks at a time and so I’m taking full advantage of the emotional (and physical) freedom I still have as a “single” woman!!

– God has been reminding me this summer that He doesn’t always reveal the answers to our prayers right away because it isn’t always the right time. I have been seeking so much guidance on how to move forward in my career as I become Justin’s wife and it’s a question that probably won’t be answered for some time still. But I’m reminded that as long as I have surrendered everything to the Lord and have faith He will provide for my needs, everything else is just background noise :)


So, here we are with Fall right on our doorstep and the last summer of all the kids living under the same roof having come and gone in the blink of an eye. Life is so short. If there’s one thing these past few months have taught me, it’s that 1) keeping up an “outward appearance” is mentally and spiritually exhausting and a complete waste of time, 2) working myself to death is NOT equivalent to building a life, and 3) I need to be intentional about every moment of every day… because my time with others on this earth is limited and unpredictable in measure. Next summer I am hoping to spend more weekends at home (or away!) with my new (!!!!!!) husband and have better time management skills so that I am ready to close the laptop for the evening as soon as he walks through the door after work. Oh I just can’t wait! I know now more than ever that it will be here sooner than I think. For now… I am going to enjoy our goodnight texts and Facetime dates from across the country! This season is a short one and I’m thankful for every moment.

I’m off to enjoy an episode of a new TV show my friend Meredith recommended to me! I haven’t watched a TV show in years and I think it’s a great way to end this relaxing weekend :) Until next time… xo

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