A few months ago I was talking with one of my sweet brides, Luisanna, and she said something about coming to visit her in Hawaii. I kinda laughed it off like “haha! that’d be so fun!!” thinking that it would probably NEVER happen with the cost of flying to Hawaii and renting a car (especially under 25). But within two days we had our plane tickets booked for $500/each and a car offered for us to use- for free! WHAT?! It was one of those surreal moments where you can’t really believe what’s happening until it’s happening. Meredith and I sat on the plane just not being able to comprehend that we were both going to be fulfilling our lifelong dreams of seeing Hawaii in just a few hours’ time. When we landed, it was like I was looking at one of those travel calendars people hang in their cubicles at work! Hawaii is just so unbelievably beautiful… and we’re so happy to be here for the next two weeks! I have the opportunity to possibly be doing some work here as well which is AWESOME. I’m so excited about the chance to shoot in such a gorgeous place! AH! So, needless to say, blogging may be a little sparse for the next two weeks… but I needed the time away. The moment to settle and relax before wedding planning and wedding season really begins. I’m so grateful for our aamzing host and my incredible bride Luisanna and her huge heart… she greeted us with real Hawaiian leis at the airport!! I almost cried! We are so so thankful to be here and I can’t wait for all the adventures these next two weeks will bring. Yay! And so many pictures will be coming soon!!


Luisanna and me!!!


The palm trees here are SO tall and absolutely beautiful!


So excited to explore this gorgeous island these next two weeks!!

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