Have you ever had a cause so near and dear to your heart that it felt like you were MADE to help? For years I wished for a community of young women in the creative industry to connect with, learn from, and encourage. Earlier this year, I came across this site called Delight & Be (www.delightandbe.com) through a Google search for “magazine for college aged Christian girls.” Crazy how God works sometimes! Delight isn’t a magazine but a place for girls to grow in Christ together. Here is Delight’s mission statement…

Delight & Be Group for Young Women Christian Creatives

“Delight is a community of young ladies ages 14-20 who are passionate in an area of the creative arts! Whether it is photography, graphic design, music, culinary arts, theater, fashion or dance, our desire is to inspire young women in the creative arts to pursue their God-given talents while also helping them define what it means to be strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman. We’re about being real, raw and relevant: whatever you are facing, others have been there too. You will find a community filled with stories of grace, redemption and mercy. You’ll find inspiration to help you grow not only in your talent, but also in your faith!”

Besides the AMAZING women behind Delight and the incredible 400+ girls who are a part of it that I get to call my friends, there are also Delight Retreats that happen throughout the year! You might remember me blogging about my time at Delight and the way God spoke to me during that weekend in early April. It was truly a life changing experience and my love for Delight grew so much after spending time at the retreat. So I just had to share about something INCREDIBLE that God is doing through Delight… He is building a house that will serve as a gathering place for future Delight retreats and intensives as well as be a place of peace and safety for young women seeking refuge.

Delight & Be Group for Young Women Christian Creatives

Kristin Wall, the heart behind Delight & Be and the building of this house, has already dedicated so much of her time, her heart, and her finances to making this house a reality!!! However… we still need $50,000 to finish the house. Kristin has shown so much faith and commitment to this project, and I know that God is going to do AMAZING things through it for so many young women as He has already done through Delight & Be. I just can’t wait to see how He works through this new home for Delight! Here are a few ideas for what the inside is going to look like… :)

Delight & Be Group for Young Women Christian Creatives

“Every time I walk into the house, the more and more excited I get about the future. I can envision girls sitting around the amazing farmhouse table built by Grace and Salt. I can see them sharing stories, learning & growing together. Lifelong friendships will be made in this home. I can hear them worshipping around the fireplace. I am just so excited to see what God has planned for this home. . .I know that it will be a home that brings hope and healing. A home that draws girls closer to God.”

If you’re feeling led to donate to the Delight House… 1) that’s amazing!!! and 2) all of us Delight girls would appreciate it so, so much! We all can sense that something BIG is happening… and in just the two years that Delight & Be has existed, it has grown immensely and already touched SO many lives! If you’d like to donate and be a part of building the Delight House, you have two options- you can leave a comment below expressing your interest and requesting to learn more/be put in contact with Kristin, or you can go right ahead and donate via PayPal to jwall@ncidata.com.

I’m so excited to see how the Lord speaks to you and how He’s going to work through this house and touch the lives of so many girls! Thank you SO much for considering being a part of this amazing journey!! <3

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