When Sydney’s mom asked me to take Sydney’s senior portraits, I was so excited, and so happy! Sydney’s family holds a very special place in my heart. Not only have they been a part of my “CCA” family for about four years now, but they were the first people that asked me to shoot an event for them. My very first event gig was shooting Sydney’s Sweet 16… and since then, her mom has asked me to shoot over five other events for her as well as her family’s Christmas portraits and now Sydney’s senior pictures! I’ve been so blessed to have been able to work with this family time after time. I could not thank them enough for all of the awesome opportunities they’ve provided me with. They’ve affected my growth as both a portrait and event photographer in such a positive way. I’m so thankful!


Okay, now on to this shoot. We decided to shoot in a historic district for a kind of “main street” look. We wandered around the shops, the waterfront, etc. but I think my favorite shots came about after stumbling upon a construction site… not too sure what it was going to be, but it ended up looking really cool for the pictures!

I loved Sydney’s outfit choices. They covered so many bases. She had a “preppy” look, a formal look, and a casual look! Tip for clients- Including a jacket as one of your outfit pieces allows for more variety. See below!
Sunglasses can be a great prop, too!

This is the construction site I was talking about… brick walls always make a great background, and the lighting was fan. tas. tic.

Backlighting is always fun :]

Thanks for an awesome session, Sydney! =]

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