So it’s no news that I LOVE to travel. Overseas, cross country, long weekend road trip… I’m up for anything if it means getting out of town and spending some time seeing somewhere new (or familiar in that family tradition kinda way)! However, for obvious reasons, I can’t always get away for more than a day for a far away trip. So as I’m getting older and spending less time traveling and more time working, I’m getting creative with how to channel my adventurous spirit into something a little more doable (and less expensive) :) One of the ways I love to do this is by getting to know my home state of Virginia a little better and exploring places I haven’t been before that are within a couple hour’s driving distance! My best friend Meredith lives in Waynesboro and I was WAY too excited to visit her out in this part of Virginia. It’s only a two hour drive but I had never made it before a couple of weeks ago! I had a shoot in Afton, VA and decided to make a day of it. Meredith introduced me to her parents (after a year of being close friends that was clearly pretty exciting), made me pasta salad, showed me around her hometown, took me to her favorite ice cream stand, and took me up to Raven’s Roost to see the gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains! Virginia is really such a diverse state and that’s what I always say I love about it. An hour’s worth of driving from Northern Virginia will either have you in the mountains, in the countryside, in the city center, or at the beach! :) It’s really the best of four worlds!! So on this day I got to enjoy the “mountain” side of Virginia and it was truly so beautiful. We only got a few pictures and they definitely don’t do the view or the experience justice, but is totally worth the day trip if you’re wanting to just see a new side of our gorgeous state! The air up here was so cool and refreshing… and I can totally see why we call these mountains the Blue Ridge range!

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0543.jpg

Tiny little Meredith taking a photo on this huge mountain range!

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0544.jpg

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0545.jpg

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0566.jpg

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0557.jpg

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0541.jpg

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0564.jpg

I kept calling this the “Joshua tree” which probably makes no sense at all, but it looked cool.

Raven's Roost Photography Megan Kelsey Photography-0618.jpg

I hope to have more “local explorations” happening as the summer goes on! Wanderlust can be solved in your own home state if you know where to go… :)

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