Oh, my dear blog, how I have neglected you.
I have every intention of updating and posting at least once or twice a week… and then it just ends up at the bottom of my to-do list and constantly gets pushed over to next week’s.  You see, I love to write.  It’s something I’ve always been good at and that I’ve always made time to do.  But this semester’s been off to such a crazy start.  Not only am I taking 16 credits, but I am also working part-time in addition to doing photography and cinematography sessions and projects whenever I can.  Maintaining my blog is something that I want to be really important to me.  But if I’m being honest, it’s where I’m struggling right now. When I have free time, it’s so tempting to just be LAZY and not do anything productive!  It’s one of my pitfalls so far in 2013.  Sometimes it’s okay to just relax and do nothing.  But if I want to get to where I’m dreaming of being, I need to cut those times to a minimum and get busy more often. So… I’m going to be working on turning this writing time into my relaxation time.  I’ve been told so many times about how your thoughts can influence everything else in your life.  I think I’ve been looking at this blogging thing in the wrong light.  Since I love to write, and it’s something I do anyway in my free time (I have multiple journals and a tumblr blog that I’m semi-addicted to), I just need to view this photo blog not so much as a “businessy” thing but as a “me” thing.  Does that make sense?! I hope so.

Another thing I’ve been doing wrong is putting too much pressure on how perfect I want these posts to be.  I’m always telling myself I have to finish editing a certain amount of pictures or finish just one more session before moving on to blogging.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a TON of pictures on backlog right now, so that’s definitely a priority.  But I’m going to start updating in the middle of these editing frenzies.  Starting now.  Here’s a sneak preview of multiple sessions I want to get up on the blog within the next month!  Seniors, best friends, expectant moms, and Relay for Life volunteers…. get ready for some really fun sessions soon.

What I’ve been working on most recently:








And in case you were wondering how my winter’s been going… here’s a recent picture of me & my family ice skating at Pentagon Row! We’ve been having an awesome year so far.

Hope you’ve been having an amazing February!


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