On the first cool Fall day of the year, I walked in to a end-unit townhouse, smiling at my second “newborn” clients and first-time parents to 7-day-old Aiden.  They were so excited to have welcomed their first child into their home.  And I was excited to capture it!  I tried to approach this session from a “lifestlye” perspective.  A lifestyle shoot means less poses and more candids.  Which is always what I’ve loved as a photographer!  Of course, we still squeezed a few posed portraits in.  Can I just say that Aiden was THE most well behaved and awake 7-day-old I have ever met!  He gave me multiple wide-eyed shots as well as “sleeping” pictures (we all know he was really just working the camera… ;]  Thanks Anika and Andrew for welcoming me into your home during such an exciting time!  It was an awesome shoot! Scroll through the pictures below to see a few of my tips from this session!

Having a newborn in the home is a very exciting and unique time. Capturing all the small details will remind anyone looking through the pictures what it was like that first week home.

I love this shot below of baby & dad’s hands. Shows just how tiny little Aiden once was!!

Getting the same kind of picture with both mom and dad adds more variety to the session’s images.

PPets hold a very special place in every family!! This shot below makes me looks like Guinness doesn’t really know what’s going on, but that he’s excited to be there… even with all the crazy changes!

Two words…. natural light.

Like I said, Aiden had such great facial expressions! Love it!

Yes, the (almost) inevitable tears… still something definitely worth capturing!

Shots don’t have to be perfectly lined up to still have great subject matter.

The three images below are perhaps my favorite from the entire session. Dad is a musician, and it’s a big part of his life. We definitely wanted to incorporate his guitar into the shoot, and we ended up thinking of some really awesome ways to do it!

So there you have it…. my second newborn shoot! I think people can learn from looking at this that it is possible to have a great session without bringing any special props (bean bags, baskets, etc.)… you can do a lot with what the client has in their home and a few fuzzy blankets! Thanks for visiting the blog, and keep checking back soon. I have a TON of sessions to upload from this season!

Thanks for all of your support,

Megan <3

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