I was 5 years old when I discovered that I loved school. Like, really really LOVED school. Trying to get all the sparkly smiley face stickers on ALL of my homework assignments, tests, and quizzes was like a game to me. There was no feeling like the elation I experienced when I’d see a “100%” at the top of a paper with my name on it. It was thrilling, exciting, and motivated me like nothing else. I was the most annoying little teacher’s pet to exist in 1999! But I loved it. It fueled me. I was on top of the world when I sat at my desk taking a test. It was my favorite thing to do.

I was about 6 years old when I discovered that I was one of the very few little people in my kindergarten class that felt this way about life :) And that’s okay. I’ve learned to cope with the teasing over the years from all the normal people who enjoy FUN activites outside of school walls!!! And now… I just so happen to be marrying one of those people! Justin was never BAD at school, but he never really LOVED it like I did… and obviously, that’s understandable ;) I can still hear the groans! The look of misery in his bloodshot eyes as we began our third hour of calculus homework on a Sunday night! School was never Justin’s favorite thing… but I’m sharing this story precisely because school was never Justin’s favorite thing. A few weeks ago, he graduated COLLEGE…!! And that’s even more of an accomplishment in my opinion for someone who doesn’t necessarily love spending hours on end reading, memorizing, and studying!!

Justin pushed himself to graduate with not just one major field of study but TWO. He now possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Information Systems Operations Management from George Mason University’s prestigous School of Business. And he graduated on his 23rd birthday of all days!!! After four and a half years of late nights, early mornings, and sometimes all nighters, he can now officially say that he’s done with his undergraduate career! And I know there isn’t a better feeling when it comes to one’s academic achievements.

Justin, I’m SO proud of you… SO PROUD! I can’t even put it into words. You inspire me to go after the valuable experiences in life that terrify me the most. Your perserverance and determination throughout your high school and college life has motivated me to keep pushing through the toughest times in my own seasons of life. I’ll never forget the pride and joy that swelled within my heart when you walked across that stage to receive your diploma. I know your future is going to be so bright and full of adventure. I love you!! Here’s to being a COLLEGE GRAD!!!

Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2315_photo.jpg

He has so many friends that I have at least 10 photos just like this. Haha.

Justin's College Graduation-2153_photo.jpg

That tongue! His signature pose. Haha.

Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2206_photo.jpg

That moment when……..!!!

Justin's College Graduation-2174_photo.jpg


Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2193_photo.jpg

And there’s Grandma Laura and Aunt Jeannine waving hello from the balcony!

Justin's College Graduation-2148_photo.jpg

We’re just missing you, Curtis!

Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2238_photo.jpg

Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2329_photo.jpg

Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2323_photo.jpg

Welcome to the Glasbrenner family… (look at Jeromy and Becky making fun of my knee pop and lean. IT WORKS OKAY.)

Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2300_photo.jpg

My future family!

Justin's College Graduation Family Picture-2287_photo.jpg

Justin's College Graduation Family Picture-_photo.jpg

Love you Justin!! And I can’t wait to be waiting for you at home when you walk through the front door after a hard day of work at your “real adult” full-time job!! So proud of you!!!

Justin's Graduation Dec 2015 Megan Kelsey Photography-2319_photo.jpg

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