She just might be the world’s cutest 18-month-old. Blonde hair, blue eyes, that adorable smile… yep, it’s official! My vote goes to Hailey for the prettiest little girl ever. I’ve watched her grow over the past year and a half from a newborn baby to a walking, talking toddler. When I watched her open the door to let me into her house a few weeks ago, I couldn’t believe she was already getting SO big. And when I say big… I mean Hailey is SUPER tall for her age! She’s also super energetic, super happy, and of course super curious. She was fascinated by the clicking of my camera’s shutter! That’s probably the reason for that wide-eyed look in so many of the pictures below. She even tried to take a few pictures herself! Unfortunately, her fingers weren’t quite nimble enough yet.. but maybe someday I can take her on as my little intern! Lol! She sure seemed interested enough. Her “curious look” just made her THAT much cuter. Add the adorable homemade Santa dress that her mom sewed herself and this session was destined to be darling.

By the way, be sure to check out Hailey’s mom’s page on Etsy if you like the dress! She has a few other tutu’s she sews and even some wine candles! You can visit her Etsy page here. As always, thanks for checking out my post! Also… It’s not too late to book your Christmas mini-session! Just click the CONTACT link at the top of this page and mention that you’re interested in the Christmas mini-session. I hope to be seeing you & your family through my camera lens sometime this month!

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