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Stay Fit While Working From Home | 7 Quick Hacks

I’m currently writing this post sitting on my couch in my snowflake print sweater leggings. In very few other careers would I have the “freedom” to wake up and stay in my PJ’s all day, every day for weeks on end. Okay, maybe not weeks… but sometimes, us creative business owners do go a few days without putting actual clothes on. I didn’t think I would ever actively have to think about how to stay fit while working from home. You think you’re not…

5 Quick Ways To Build Confidence

Have you ever met someone and thought, “She just carries herself so confidently. I wish I could be more like her.” Yea?! Me too! One of the reasons why confidence is such a beautiful quality to possess is because it actually attracts people to you! Being with a confident person who is sure of who they are and knows they are living out God’s purposeful plan for their life kinda stirs something up inside of you, doesn’t it? There are two ways to respond to that stirring…

How A Simple Change To My Morning Routine Increased My Productivity

There’s something I started to notice this season as I was in the midst of “busy season” with weddings every weekend, an all new brand/website/blog launch, traveling, etc. I became increasingly overwhelmed as my workload got heavier and instead of feeling accomplished, I just felt more stress! I couldn’t figure out why! Instead of feeling like I could relax (and reap the benefits of all my hard work!), I just felt like the stakes were higher and like I had to work even harder…

Creating Intimacy In Your Images | My #1 Tip For Posing Couples | Photog Friday

I’ll be the first to admit that when I was new to photography, posing did not come naturally to me! (Does it come naturally to anyone?!) I would show up to a shoot SO nervous about this one particular aspect of my job. Sure, I was a little anxious about the light, finding the right spots, locating natural reflectors… but posing is what really made me get butterflies in my stomach!! What if I put them in an awkward pose and it’s obvious I’m messing up?! What if…


If you had asked me when I was a little girl what I was going to be when I grew up, I would have replied, “A teacher.”

I not only liked helping people learn, but I also loved getting to the bottom of why they wanted to learn what they were seeking to know deeper.

When I was 14 years old, I picked up my first DSLR camera with no idea that it would eventually turn into a full-time, six figure career that would support me throughout college and into my newlywed life. It took years of studying other photographers’ blogs, attending conferences and online webinars, meeting one-on-one with other professionals, and shooting dozens of weddings and portrait sessions to get to where I am today. But it wasn’t without my fair share of mistakes, mishaps, and blunders along the way.

That’s why I have a passion for helping other young entrepreneurs reach their dreams of doing what they love full-time.

EducationPics-82Whether you’re a photographer, a college student, a business owner, or all three, you have a story to tell, dreams to dream, and goals to chase after with your whole heart. Wherever you are in life, I’d love to meet you right there. In your home. In a coffee shop. Over a slice of key lime cheesecake. There’s something beautiful to be found in the in the process of pouring your heart out, and it’s more often than not fruitful in ways that continue to reveal themselves for years down the road.

So let’s meet up! We’ll talk goals, logistics, and crazy, wild dreams you’re sure will never come true. Then we’ll talk about how to throw those doubts out the window, find a new confidence in yourself, and turn those dreams into action plans.

Whether you’re looking for some feedback on a new business idea or just wanting to pick my brains for a couple hours, I’d love to meet with you. I have so many little tidbits of knowledge just bouncing around in my head from my undergrad business studies as well as my own personal experiences as a 5 year business owner, and I’d love to share that with people who are passionate about taking the next step in their career, business, or personal lives.

Investment for one-on-one business coaching begins at $450. See the contact page to get in touch about more details. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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