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Rebrand Giveaway #3 | Coaching Session with Megan Kelsey Photography!

One of my goals for this new online space was to provide a place for growing business owners and fellow creatives to gather resources and learn about how to perfect their craft and create sustaining and life-giving businesses. I’m JUST as passionate about the back-end of my business as I am the shooting/posing/photography side! I could be shooting 8 weddings a month and making $500,000 a year, but if I don’t have room for LIFE at the end of the day…

5 Favorite Things About The Making Things Happen Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

In this creative industry, there are dozens and dozens of workshops and conferences one can choose from to further their business and invest in education. I’ve attended the CLIC Conference, Creative at Heart, and a few online seminars and one-day events and they’ve all been wonderful! Investing in education has been a huge goal of mine these first few years in business and I’m glad I took that approach and made it a priority early on because for me…

5 Steps To Build Your Blog! | Photog Friday | Getting Started

This day and age, we all have our two or three favorite blogs that we like to check out every now and again... or every day. For me, that's my wedding photographer's blog because she provides me with inspiration and encouragement every morning when I first wake up!...

For The Aspiring Photographer | 3 Tips For Getting Started

When you’re experiencing something for the first time, everything seems so new, exciting, and promising. I remember coming across the first wedding photographer’s blog I ever discovered and realizing there was this glimmering world of creative entrepreneurship that I hadn’t even known existed. I quickly became obsessed with starting my business, growing my client base, and checking off all the boxes…


If you had asked me when I was a little girl what I was going to be when I grew up, I would have replied, “A teacher.”

I not only liked helping people learn, but I also loved getting to the bottom of why they wanted to learn what they were seeking to know deeper.

EducationPics-81When I was 14 years old, I picked up my first DSLR camera with no idea that it would eventually turn into a full-time, profitable career that would support me throughout college and into my newlywed life. It took years of studying other photographers’ blogs, attending conferences and online webinars, meeting one-on-one with other professionals, and shooting dozens of weddings and portrait sessions to get to where I am today. But it wasn’t without my fair share of mistakes, mishaps, and blunders along the way.

That’s why I have a passion for helping other young entrepreneurs reach their dreams of doing what they love full-time.

EducationPics-82Whether you’re a photographer, a college student, a business owner, or all three, you have a story to tell, dreams to dream, and goals to chase after with your whole heart. Wherever you are in life, I’d love to meet you right there. In your home. In a coffee shop. Over a slice of key lime cheesecake. There’s something beautiful to be found in the in the process of pouring your heart out, and it’s more often than not fruitful in ways that continue to reveal themselves for years down the road.

So let’s meet up! We’ll talk goals, logistics, and crazy, wild dreams you’re sure will never come true. Then we’ll talk about how to throw those doubts out the window, find a new confidence in yourself, and turn those dreams into action plans.

Whether you’re looking for some feedback on a new business idea or just wanting to pick my brains for a couple hours, I’d love to meet with you. I have so many little tidbits of knowledge just bouncing around in my head from my undergrad business studies as well as my own personal experiences as a 5 year business owner, and I’d love to share that with people who are passionate about taking the next step in their career, business, or personal lives.

Investment for one-on-one business coaching begins at $450. See the contact page to get in touch about more details. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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