How do I even begin to write this post? How can I put into words all the amazing things God has done in the lives of 25 young creatives and is still doing through them to reach others with the light of Christ? I honestly don’t know. I don’t know how to describe how it was to enter into God’s presence this past weekend and the transformation that occurred in me. I seriously feel like a new person and like I’ve been reborn. I experienced a miraculous work these past few days and all I can do right now is ask God to give me the words to communicate what happened and how wonderful and all-powerful He is. God used the Delight Retreat and is using Delight & Be to CHANGE lives… and it’s an amazing and awe-inspiring thing to be a part of.

Delight Retreat Christian Creatives East Coast Charlottesville Virginia Delight and Be Jesus

Before I left the Delight house on Sunday, we were presented with a challenge to take home with us in an effort to truly let it all sink in from the past 3 days. Starting tomorrow, I will be participating in a 7-day “social media blackout” to let everything I encountered this weekend really take root in my heart and just to quiet all the white noise that I surround myself with between all the Facebook profiles, Instagrams, Twitters, and blogs I follow. I’m so excited to see how I feel after this social media-free week comes to an end… I’m really hoping and praying that I will then have the words to share all about my experience at the Delight Retreat! I’m really feeling like I’m going to be “reset” and my creative energy is going to reach an entirely new level after taking these 7 days off from social media. If you’d like to join me, I would love to hear all about how it affects your life and your everyday routine!! Sometimes we don’t even realize how much noise something like scrolling through a Facebook newsfeed can create in our hearts and minds. I’m so excited to give this a try, and if you’re feeling like God’s leading you to participate, please let me know!! I’d love to support each other in this!!

Delight Retreat Christian Creatives East Coast Charlottesville Virginia Delight and Be Jesus

To my Delight sisters, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for having the chance to meet you and spend time together (in person!!!) in a beautiful old farmhouse outside of Charlottesville. It just feels like such a dream come true, and I can’t wait for the next time God brings us together!! Praying for you all as we settle back in to our everyday routines at home… and I’m so excited to see how God uses each of you to bring light into the lives of others.

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