This morning I’m writing from my bed, where I’m currently lying with tissues, a bowl of hot oatmeal, and Vitamin C sitting next to me. I’ve been sick for a couple of days now and you would think that I was dying by how dramatic I am any time I have a fever over 101 degrees. Thankfully I have Justin to remind me that a little virus is not a big deal and I’ll be back in better health soon :) So while I’m resting up today, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the images from our Save The Date photo shoot we had with the amazing Brandilynn Aines early last month! I remember waking up at the crack of dawn and feeling SO happy and like it was just surreal that we were doing a shoot to announce our wedding date. Since we’re doing a destination wedding in Lexington, Virginia and literally 100% of our guests will have to travel to the wedding, which is on a holiday weekend, we wanted to get our save the dates out a good 12 months in advance to give people PLENTY of time to book their accommodations and plan accordingly! We have our actual engagement session planned with our amazing wedding photographer Katelyn James coming up in the Fall, and I cannot WAIT for those pictures!!! These save the date ones are photos I will treasure forever. You guys, Brandilynn sent me the gallery to our pictures just 5 hours after we took them and I literally cried going through the gallery. It might have had something to do with the fact that James Morrison was playing in the background or I was just emotional all around that day… but if this was how excited and happy I was for the save the date shoot, I can’t imagine how over the moon I’m going to be when we take our engagement photos at the halfway point of our engagement season! Ahhh!!

We decided to meet at sunrise for this session in a field that I’ve shot in dozens of times with my own clients. I knew it would have a gorgeous morning glow if we caught it at the right time, and it was even better than I had dreamed! We wandered around a bit and stumbled upon a little corner in the back of the field with so many buttercups and dandelions, it was like we had stepped into Narnia. It was so so perfect and so special! We incorporated a chalkboard sign and some pink confetti to tie into our wedding colors. I love how Brandi posed us so closely and how in each picture I can feel Justin’s love for me. I’m so glad we got the chance to do this!! Thank you again Brandi!!





Favorites right here!







And here come the buttercups… :)





And the confetti!!!




The next time we do a photo shoot will likely be our engagement photos! I can’t wait until then!! But for now I’ll just keep swooning over these!


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