A couple of months ago, I had the amazing and unforgettable opportunity to photograph one of my 2016 couples in the place where they call home… Denver, Colorado. It was such a pleasant surprise getting to travel out West for an engagement session and it was an experience I will never forget. I tend to bring my best friend Meredith along on a lot of these jobs (perks of having a best friend who is also self-employed!) and this time was no different. We spent a long weekend exploring every inch of Colorado that we could and saw so many more breathtaking sites than we had been able to dream up. I’m so glad I brought my film camera along on this trip to try out my very first roll. These images are actually from the second roll I shot, when I got brave enough to upgrade from my Fuji 200 to the Fuji 400h I had brought along.

It was just so fun being so intentional about setting up these shots – counting down from 3,2,1 every time we took a picture to avoid blinks, triple checking the light meter to make sure we were overexposing *just* the right amount (we actually probably WAY overexposed this roll… haha), and being hyperaware of our edges, composition, lead lines, etc. Film is SO much fun. It’s breathed a new life into my love and passion for photography in a way I didn’t know could still be done. I’ll definitely be bringing my film camera along in the future – maybe even our honeymoon next June to replace my heavy digital camera! (But just maybe. Haha!) Without further adieu, here are just a few film shots from our adventures in Colorado…

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-19.jpg

On the road to Pike’s Peak…

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-13.jpg

…and at the top. Coolest thing ever.

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-15.jpg

The air was so cold up here… but the light made for beautiful portraits.

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-44.jpg

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-18.jpg

Garden of the Gods…

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-22.jpg

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-23.jpg

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-26.jpg

…and the 1,000 year old Manitou Cliff Dwellings.

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-41.jpg

Colorado is full of fresh (thin) air, sunshine, friendly people, and beautiful snow-capped mountains. I can’t wait to go back! Stay tuned for the many more pictures I have from our adventures on my digital camera coming soon!! :)

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-48.jpg

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-51.jpg

Megan Kelsey Photography Fuji 400h-20.jpg

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