There are some friends in life that, as soon as you meet, things click into place, and you know that you know they are going to be there for you for the rest of your life.  I knew Rita was one of these friends within the first five minutes of meeting her the summer before my freshman year of high school.  My mom had just passed away a few months prior, and I didn’t feel like there was ANYONE that could relate to what I was feeling.  And then I met Rita.  She told me that she was adopted and didn’t really know her birth mom very well, but that her adoptive mom was her hero for taking her and her siblings under her wing.  We were both the oldest sibling with little ones to look out for even when times were tough.  It didn’t take long until we were passing notes to each other in class, staying up all night talking about our crushes, and rushing home on the weekends to make it through our front doors before curfew.  Even when we parted to go to different schools, we still kept in touch, and I still text her today asking for advice.  She always seems to know exactly what I’m feeling and how to amend the situation.  Sometimes I like to think of her as “Rita the Wise.”  She’s always more than willing to help someone out.  So it’s no wonder that she has an amazing friend like Allison.

Not only are these two gorgeous, but they are also so hilarious!  It wasn’t hard to get a smile out of them at ALL… I would tell them to try to make a straight face and get nothing but laughs instead!  I’m sure their friendship is one filled with LOTS of smiles and good times.  I know this session was one of them!

Allison is crazy talented with cosmetology.  She did make-up for both Rita and herself before this session.  I may have to give her a call the next time I have a special occasion…!

I just loved all of the buildings and side streets scattered throughout this town.  It really looks like something you would see in 1950’s Main Street America.  I loved the contrasting colors painted on the wall above.

See what I mean about the smiles?! They made taking these pictures TOO easy!

Rita and Allison… thank you so much for the fun session!  I hope to be seeing you girls again soon!

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